Student Testimonials

Danielle G.

Being pregnant for the first time the common worry about childbirth was frequently on my mind. Rio Prenatal Yoga was recommended by a friend half way through my pregnancy. And it was the best decision I could have done to help prepare my mind and body for childbirth. Besides my strong faith and trusting God, I strongly believe I was able labor at home until I was 6-7cm, deliver my sweet boy naturally without an epidural and have a quick delivery because of this yoga practice and mental preparation. Melissa is so good at helping you visualize the birth that you deserve and want, helping you prepare for intense contractions and teaching you how to breathe through each discomfort and overcome it. Not to mention her kind spirit! Check it out, it is worth the outcome.

Karla A.

Melissa is the best yoga instructor! Her presence is soothing and comforting. I love how passionate she is about empowering women during pregnancy, and about childbirth. She makes me feel strong, and she always knows how to guide you in yoga to address whatever pain or discomfort you might be having, and makes you feel more prepared for childbirth mentally and physically. She is also just a great person to talk to and exchange time and energy with.

Chloë G.

I started taking Melissa’s class during my second trimester of my first pregnancy. Not being a regular yogi, I wasn’t sure what to expect and questioned if the class was even going to be as helpful as friends had suggested- boy was I wrong! This class helped me prepare so much for the exhausting, emotional and intense journey that is labor. Melissa does a wonderful job of preparing you mind, body and soul for any labor you’re preparing to have. Physically it helped open my body and prepare the foundation for a natural birth. Melissa also works to instill a welcoming and accepting environment that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The comradery in class amongst the fellow mamas was so helpful for me as they shared similar experiences, concerns and had similar questions we all figured out and answered together. This experience completely enhanced my physical and mental state throughout my entire pregnancy, I would not have been able to have the labor I wanted without this class. I will definitely be going back for my next pregnancy and hope other mamas will join us!

Brandi K.

As a birth doula, I absolutely recommend my colleague Melissa! I refer all my clients to her for yoga classes. She is amazing!